THE TIME HAS COME! We are excited to announce our amazing PROGRAM OF EVENTS FOR 2022

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There’s a gap in traffic. Look both ways. Is it safe to Cross?

Our 2023 festival program takes into account the space we’re in: where many can’t stand having constrained social lives much longer, and others don’t feel safe sticking their neck out just yet.

We’ve put together a program of events we hope will meet you at your own comfort level. With a downtown tour as the outdoor exception, all our events offer both in person and online experiences at your choosing.

The pandemic road hasn’t been an easy one. Take a turn to the left with us for an exploration of stories old and new that give new perspective on what lies behind, ahead, and in between.

Happy May Day! Workers of the World Unite!
Where are we? Mi’kma’ki!

2022 Program

**In person & Online Tickets On Sale April 15**

Live Streams will be Available for All Indoor Events
Masking will be Required At All Events

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The More Thing Change:
A Working Class Tour of Downtown Halifax

Join labour historian Emma Lang on an interactive journey that will have you explore through 300 years of stories about working and toiling in our downtown waterfront.

DJ Uncle Fester x Superfluid Collective& Friends

This two part show will blow your socks off! DJ Uncle Fester brings together some of Halifax’ hottest MCs and the amazing Superfluid Collective for a night of great performances and a live off-the-floor recording session of new music.Featuring performances by General Khan & Ambeez, Ghettosocks and Aquakultre.

By Todd MAtheson & Karen Bassett

Director Karen Bassett pairs up with veteran bartender Todd Matheson to create a documentary style piece of theatre on location at Charlie’s Club. Grab a drink and hear Todd’s story confronting the Restaurant Association of NS over 26 minutes – one minute for every of his 26 years of work in the industry.

The Work we Do
An Animation REtrospective

A labour retrospective presented in partnership with the Animation Festival of Halifax (AFX). Animated films from across the country and across the decades reflect on the ups and downs of our experiences as beings who toil and strive.

By The Villains Theatre

Little acts of defiance, life hacks and loopholes. The Villains Theatre takes record of how we find our own way. A team of artists led by Colleen MacIsaac will collect, transcribe and illustrate audience-submitted shortcuts during a live performance. The result: a map book like no other.

By The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Company

Satirical and interactive theatre at your doorstep! Primal shares a glimpse behind closed factory doors at environmental racism, immoral surveillance, natural disasters, and more forms of worker exploitation that happens within corporations like Amazon.

By Liliona Quarmyne

A new performance through which Liliona Quarmyne and her team of eight dancers take an intricate look at the nature of intersectionality and how we construct identity.


Bleeding Gums Murphy: Live

DJ Uncle Fester & Aquakultre

Composed by Erin Costelo

Featuring appearances by Chudi Harris, Ghettosocks, Shevy Price, Ambition, Tachichi & Andre Fenton

Recorded live at The Derby on September 3rd, 2021

Produced with support from the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
and the NSGEU.