2024 General Tour Notes

  • The tour is an easygoing 90 minutes in duration with regular stops for discussion along the way.
  • The tour starts at center of Peace and Friendship Park and ends just past the new Seaport Market and the International  Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) offices on Marginal Road.
  • Accessible washrooms, water and parking are available near both ends of the tour.
  • The tour runs almost exclusively over flat, paved sidewalks. There is a slow but notable decline in grade at one section. (see  detailed notes). There is a short portion on crushed gravel, but this can be excluded by request without changing the content of  tour.
  • The itinerary crosses through intersections with curb cuts and follows sidewalks that are in good shape.
  • Places to sit or perch are present at some but not all stops.
  • There is limited shade or shadow cover on the tour and due to being next to the waterfront it can be windy. Appropriate attire  is encouraged.
  • We walk directly past a small police station with low activity.

Additional Accessibility notes:

Route notes are for the route followed AFTER the stop described.

Introduction Location: Center of Peace and Friendship Park (1170 Hollis St).

Note: There is a paved path to get to this location and there is no need to move onto the grass. There are options to sit on the grass,  benches or a low plinth. Accessible washrooms and water are available at the Via Rail Station, Westin Hotel, Atlantic Superstore and  cafés in the area.

Route: Walk along the path to the corner of Hollis St. and Barrington St. Cross Hollis St., stop in front of Atlantic  Superstore sign.

Notes: Paved path and sidewalk, minimal uphill grade, curb cuts on both sides of Hollis St..

Stop 1: Next to the Atlantic Superstore sign at the corner of Hollis and Barrington.

Looking across the street to the corner of Barrington and Kent.

Notes: Paved sidewalk and grass available. There is the option to sit on the grass.

Route: Turn onto Hollis St., following the sidewalk toward the train station cross the exit for the Atlantic Superstore parking lot. Stop  in grassy area next to Atlantic Superstore’s sale sign.

Notes: Narrow paved sidewalk, minimal downhill grade, curb cuts on both sides of the parking lot exit.

Stop 2: In front of Atlantic Superstore sale sign just before Bus Terminal.

Looking towards the train station and tracks behind it.

Note: Paved sidewalk and grass available. There is the option to sit on the grass.

Route: Continue down Hollis past the Westin and cross to the far side of Terminal Rd. Turn right and continue down Terminal Rd.  Cross Lower Water St at complex crosswalk. Slight left turn onto Lower Water St. to where the sidewalk widens. Stop where  sidewalk widens.

Notes: Narrow paved sidewalk, minimal downhill grade on Hollis St, grade becomes notable as we turn onto Terminal Rd., several  driveway crossings and street crossings, all have curb cuts.

Stop 3: Just before Nova Scotia Power building.

Looking up Lower Water Street.

Notes: Paved sidewalk with curbs around plantings to sit on.

Route: Walk back to Terminal Rd. Turn left on Terminal Rd and continue to where it becomes Marginal Rd. Turn toward the harbour  and continue with the parking lot on your right. Turn left at the statue of Samuel Cunard and stop between the Port of Halifax building  and The Emigrants statue.

Notes: Narrow paved sidewalk becoming a wider sidewalk, there is a notable downhill grade on Terminal Rd. which flattens as we turn away from the street.

Stop 4: In front of Port of Halifax Building near The Emigrants Statue.

Looking North along the waterfront.

Notes: Paved sidewalk with walls to lean or sit on.

Route: Return back to the statue of Samuel Cunard and continue toward the fence along the harbour. Stop next to the fence at the  harbour.

Notes: Paved sidewalk, no notable changes in grade.

Stop 5: In front of the fence next to the harbour.

Notes: Paved sidewalk, there may be chairs and benches to sit on.

Route: Turn back toward the statue of Samuel Cunard and turn right heading past the former Seaport Market. Continu strait past  NSCAD and in front the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia turn up the ramp behind the CN railcar. Stop on the platform behind the railcar.

Notes: Paved and wooden sidewalk, no notable grade until the ramp up to the CN railcar viewing platform, the ramp is paved and has  barriers on both sides.

Stop 6: Viewing platform behind the CN Railcar in front of Pier 21.

Notes: Paved area, walls to lean on. There are accessible public washroom accessed from the platform.

Route: Once down from the viewing platform, continue along the sidewalk heading South past the entrance to Pier 21. The sidewalk  turns and continues past the former Cunard Centre, now Seaport Market. Stop just past the building before the police station.

Notes: There is only one ramp to access the CN Railcar, those using the ramp will retrace their path to return to the sidewalk. Paved  and wooden sidewalk, no notable changes in grade.

Stop 7: Just past the current Seaport Market. Looking South and West.

Notes: Paved and wooden sidewalk and grass. There is also a fence to lean on.

Route: Continue onto pavement in front of police outpost and ILA offices. Stop past the ILA offices.

Notes: Wooden and paved sidewalk followed by pavement followed by hard surface with crushed gravel. There is a curb cut to access the paved area. There is no notable change in grade.

Stop 8: Just past the ILA offices.

Notes: This stop is a wide paved area with a wall to lean on. This is the last stop on the tour.

Accessible public washrooms and water are available at Pier 21, and if it is open, at the Seaport Market.