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Sisters, Brothers and Comrades,

Over the last eight years, the Mayworks Halifax Festival has grown to become the labour movement’s largest and most ambitious cultural project in Nova Scotia! This has been made possible through the continued support of unions and labour organizations that make up the labour movement in this province and country.

This festival is a platform through which unions have become the face of justice in the public eye by presenting accessible cultural works that promote union values of justice and solidarity to over a thousand spectators annually.

Make the movement visible – counter the spin!

Union values have been eroded in our society over the last several decades and negative myths about unions have become pervasive in the general population – even within union membership. Unions tend to only have a visible public presence during crises and when they are on the defensive.

A large scale cultural festival makes union concerns accessible to wide audiences and projects a positive image of unions to both members and to broader society. Our many events shed light on the struggles faced by the peoples and communities that surround us. As festival partners, unions become the face of those who care about making the changes necessary to better our lives. The mission of our festival is to make sure that unions are highlighted as part of our cultural fabric.

Engage your members!

Complementary tickets give unions the opportunity to reward hard working members or entice members to attend meetings. Union visibility provided by the partnership fosters pride among the membership and also educates the broader public about who unions are and encourages interest in unions among the non-organized.

A cultural event allows members to engage with each other in a fun and celebratory setting. It also allows union officers to engage with their members and the broader public within a casual and fun context. The festival also serves as an educational opportunity for members on a variety of issues including human rights, labour history and political action.



Chose one of 4 levels of partnerships to access the benefits below.
We are also happy to cater benefits to your needs!

LEADER – $2000+
ORGANIZER – $1000+
STEWARD – $500+
ACTIVIST – $100 to $250

**Organizer and Leader partners will be featured at an event of their choice on a first ask first serve basis.


LEADER: Logo recognition on our website Home page
LEADER: Logo recognition in printed & online media advertising
LEADER: Logo recognition in press releases to all local media outlets
ORGANIZER & LEADER: Logo recognition in specific promotion of a chosen featured event
STEWARD & ABOVE: Logo recognition on printed poster (300)
ALL: Logo recognition in printed program of events (600)
ALL: Logo recognition in printed festival flyer (1,000)
ALL: Logo recognition on Sponsors page of our website (2,000 unique visitors per year)
ALL: Logo recognition on social media (500+ Likes on Facebook & 800+ Followers on Twitter)


ORGANIZER & LEADER: Designated signage and promotional display on site of a chosen event
ORGANIZER & LEADER: Invitation to address the audience & promote yourself at a chosen event
STEWARD & ABOVE: Verbal recognition at every event


LEADER: 8 complementary tickets for members of your union to an event of their choice
ORGANIZER: 6 complementary tickets for members of your union to an event of their choice
STEWARD: 4 complementary tickets for members of your union to an event of their choice
ACTIVIST: 2 complementary tickets for members of your union to an event of their choice

Free complementary tickets to our events make great prizes for those who attend your meetings, or great rewards for members who go above and beyond their duties in your union.



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Mail a cheque payable to:

Mayworks Halifax Festival
211-3700 Kempt Rd,
Halifax, NS B3K 4X8

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If you have any questions about Mayworks Halifax please do not hesitate to contact
Festival Director, Sébastien Labelle at


In Solidarity,

Debbie Richardson, Chairperson
Sébastien Labelle, Festival Director
Suzanne MacNeil, Halifax Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council