Mayworks KJIPUKTUK/Halifax needs your support

Individual contributions are essential to the success of our festival. We strive to keep our events free or at low cost while maintaining a mandate to properly compensate artists and address issues of political significance.

Donations over $20 will be issued a charitable tax receipt for income tax purposes if processed through Theatre Nova Scotia.

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By Cheque

  • Make out your cheque to THEATRE NOVA SCOTIA.
  • Indicate on the Memo line that you are donating to the MAYWORKS HALIFAX FESTIVAL.
  • Mail your cheque to: Theatre Nova Scotia, 1113 Marginal Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 4P7

Gift Offer!

For any donation of $100 or more, we will offer you a free gift! You can chose between either a free tote bag, or two free packages of Social Justice Trading Cards.

THANK YOU TO OUR Solidarity 100 DONORS!!

Barbara Cottrell
Jason Edwards
Kathleen Flanagan
Jim Guild
Larry Haiven
Susan Leblanc
Govind Rao
Danielle Sampson
Christine Saulnier
Robert Tupper
David Wallbridge