COVID-19 won’t keep us down!

Our festival will come at you in 3 rounds between now and Labour Day.

Round 1 – Digital Events in May

Our digital events are moving forward as planned. Our partnership with AFX is already behind us, but you can look ahead to:

  • May 13-16

    Jounrey to the Zone

  • Release on May 25

    Archives Continuum by Collective 2030

  • Looking for more?

    Check out our 2020 Digital Trove for some online hits from last year!

2020 Digital Trove

Round 2 – Small Groups for June/July

We can do this! By late June, we’re hoping to see a decline in COVID-19 cases and a loosening of restrictions that will once again allow small distanced groups to gather again.

  • June 20: STRIKE! The Game of Worker Rebellion

 Change the Game

  • June 30 – July 24

Toil Here: Works from Rural Mi'kma'ki

  • July 4

Pockets of Resistance with Emily Comeau

Round 3 – Labour Day EVENTS

As it happens, we’ve got two Labour Days on this continent! We’re going to close off our extended festival by book-ending the summer with another round of Change the Game and two September concerts that will blow your socks off!

  • September 3

Aquakultre & DJ Uncle Fester

  • SEPTEMBER 6: Space Cats Fight Fascism
    Change the Game

  • September 17

How We Won: A Tribute Concert

Social Justice Trading Cards & Merchandise

Our beautifully designed T-Shirts and newly released series of Social Justice Trading cards are available for order throughout the festival. Make a purchase and support building a culture of solidarity!

Social Justice Cards

Mayworks T-Shirt